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The Pirates of the XX Century - Piraty XX veka (1979)

The Pirates of the XX Century

"Piraty XX veka" (1979) (original title)

Director: Boris Durov

Writer: Stanislav Govorukhin (writer)
Nikolai Yeryomenko Ml. ...  Sergej Sergejitsch
Pyotr Velyaminov ...  Iwan Iljitsch
Talgat Nigmatulin ...  Salech
Rein Aren ...  Pirat Captain

Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller

Runtime: 83 min


Sound: Russian, English, French, Spanish 

Subtitles:  English,  Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portugese, Arab, Chinese, Japanese and othe subtitles


Region - all regions (0) PAL



Exotic locations, big guns, long, tan legs, martial arts -- this movie had everything Soviet teens so longed to see. Back in the days when Rocky and Rambo where denounced as propaganda of violence, VCR's were scarce and movie tickets still cost 50 kopeks, the question to any Russian young man was not whether he saw "The Pirates of the XX Century", but how many times.


A "10" in the 1979 Soviet Union, it is no match for today's Die Hard type movies. It does not have the THX sound, or big budget explosions, or even a big star, who can not only flex muscles, but deliver a large than life emotional performance. In fact, it is more realistic than Die Hard in that it pitches a whole ship's crew against the bad guys, rather than a superhuman loner. Naturally, there are talented and brave leaders, but every deck hand gets an important job he has to carry out before the Soviet freighter, hijacked by the modern day pirates, is freed. A concept so close to the Soviet propagandists' hearts that the movie actually made it to the screens - the first of its kind. It paved the way to many more homegrown action flicks, some better, most worse, all eventually beaten out by Hollywood. But if one wants to know what stuff the Russian boys of the 80's are made of, "Piraty" is a must.


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