Digital Voice Recorder Edic-mini Daily A53-300h

Digital Voice Recorder Edic-mini Daily A53-300h

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Digital Voice Recorder Edic-mini Daily A53-300h - Professional Miniature Digital Voice Recorder

Modifications: A53-300h (last digits in the models' names show the maximum recording duration (sampling rate 8 kHz, 2 bit ADPCM) in hours).

The multifunctional Edic-mini Daily A53 model is in solid metallic case which is easy to hold due to which the Recorder can be controlled with one touch only. Bright OLED display which is highly visible even in darkness as well as the option of high recording quality of sound with sampling rate of up to 40 kHz make this device really convenient and friendly.

You won’t need a PC to set your Edic-mini Daily A53. The built-in program enables it to adjust record modes which are programmed in 8 profiles of the Recorder with the option to change their names to intuitively recognizable ones (Home, Outside, Club) as well as the parameters of the Recorder itself (display brightness, clock face type etc). The records can be played back with headphones.

There are more than 6 types of clock face in Edic-mini Daily A53. 2 types of binary clock for programmers and 2 types with Roman numbers.

The high-contrast OLED display reads information on current time, free memory capacity in hours to record under current settings, temperature inside the case, current date and day and battery charging level.

There is also an English self-teaching guide with built-in dictionary of 1000 words to be filled introducing the desirable words into the corresponding file with the help of the PC.

The Recorder operates with the PC through high-speed USB-SPI adapter.


Height 80 mm
Width 35 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Weight 30 g
Case Metal
Record time 300h
Battery life in record mode up to 300h
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Battery life in VAS mode up to 12 days
Battery life in stand-by mode up to 3 years
Built-in flash memory 2 Gb
Audio recording format Mono
Frequency band 100 Hz to 10 kHz
Dynamic range - 80 dB
Sample rate 4, 8, 13.3, 20
Voice Activating System YES
Timer recording YES

Delivery set:

USB-SPI adapter
Software CD
1 Year Warrany


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