Soviet Marine Desk Chronometer Kirova USSR 1963

Soviet Marine Desk Chronometer Kirova USSR 1963

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Soviet Marine Desk Chronometer USSR 1963
Manufacture: 1st Moscow Watch Factory Kirova. Year of Manufacture: 1963. Serial number is #5065 (on the movement). Caliber 53 mm. 22 jewels. Size of the watch: 64 mm diameter, 19 mm thickness. W/3-tier wooden box & original papers. Condition: Perfect!

Deck watches were used on naval vessels as a secondary chronometer-grade timepiece to transport time around the ship, & in the days before satellite-based global positioning systems, for navigation. Before GPS, plotting a ship’s position required precise astronomical observations & a knowledge of the exact time in Greenwich, England, (or, alternatively, at the ship’s home base). Deck watches were synchronized on a daily basis with the ship’s main chronometer, a large wooden-boxed timepiece that was generally located on the bridge.