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Russian Watches specializes in the modern Russian and vintage Soviet watches: 24 Hour, Aviator, Diver, Military, Pocket, Mechanical, Automatic.

We stock a huge range of watches from famous Russian watch brands such as Vostok Amphibian, Poljot, Raketa, Molnija, Zlatoust etc. Welcome to the fascinating world of the Russian watches!

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Russia, watches… Yes, when it comes to this vast country, not so many would think of it as of a great watch power. Still, surprisingly to some, but not to true experts, it really is. Right, there are Swiss and Japanese brands, the world’s leading watchmakers. But Russia has its own authentic tradition of watchmaking. Especially, if we’re talking about both mechanical and automatic watches, as well as military watches. These timepieces are originally produced and some the models are truly memorable for its design and history as well.

Russian watches are often unique in both design and movement though one might notice some correlations, to some degree, with famous Swiss timepieces when it comes to technical side of the story. Its design combines both the world trends and Russian realities.

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