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Poljot watches / chronographs

Poljot is a brand of Russian/Soviet watches, produced since 1964 by the First Moscow Watch Factory (1st MWF Kirova). The flagship brand of the Russian watch industry.

Almost ninety years ago, in April 1930 the construction of the first watch factory in the Soviet Union began in place of an old tobacco factory in Moscow. 50 pocket watches were already produced in November 1930 and at that moment First Moscow Watch Factory (FMWF Kirova) started to count off its time. The factory grew rapidly, the volume of production increased from 70000 watches in 1931 to 450000 in 1935. The production of special clock for coming into being aviation industry was organized at the same time.

Russian military aircrafts were equipped with the clocks made in FMWF during World War II. Military pilots and navigators also used Kirovskie watches.

Due to their irreproachable reputation all products of First Moscow Watch Factory after WWII were given POLJOT brand name (“Poljot” in Russian – “Flight” in English).

FMWF is the only designer of new watch movement. All known types of men’s movements ever produced in the USSR were designed by FMWF.

Poljot watches and chronographs used in many important space missions.

In April 1961 Yuri Gagarin used Sturmanskie watch during the first space travel in the history of mankind. The wrist watch stood the space test successfully. Russian cosmonauts have used only Poljot watches in orbit ever since (Poljot 3017 Strela).

All graduates from Russian military aviation schools received Shturmanskie watches together with a diploma.

Poljot watches proved their reliability and quality after testing in severe conditions in space, in the Arctic and in desert. They have deserved good reputation among those who value mechanical watches in different countries of the world.

Using modern technologies and materials the collections of Russian watches shown in our store continue classic traditions of real watch masters.

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