RAKETA watches

Raketa watches

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory, producing these watches, is one of the oldest horological enterprises of Russia (founded in 1721).

Since 1961 the factory is producing mens watches under the brand Raketa in honor of Yuri Gagarin (Russian PAKETA – Rocket). The factory produces 24 hour watches for polar explorers and astronauts, military watches for Russian Army / Navy, and mechanical men’s wrist/pocket watches for Russian citizens. All watches of Raketa brand are made in Petergof (Petrodvorets), the city near St.Petersburg, Russia.

The Raketa watches enjoy by right high repute on the world market. The versatility of modern styling, accuracy, reliability and long service life can cater to the most exquisite demands and tastes. Reasonable price also matters a good deal. The wide range of “Raketas” produced encompasses calendar watches, 24 time-zoneindication, watches designed for the blind and other timepieces.

Raketa Watch Factory have repeatedly won top awards at prestige international expositions and fairs.

The Most Famous Raketa Mens Wrist Watches: Raketa Big Zero, Copernicus (Copernic), Raketa 24 hour, Eternal Calendar (Perpetual), Raketa Automatic, WorldTimer, Raketa 3031.