Vintage Russian watches

Vintage Russian/Soviet watches and clocks

The Made in USSR watches have achieved a remarkable success on the world market. The horological industry of the Soviet Union is the most concentrared one in the world. Eighteen specialized factories exported watches from Soviet Russia through their sole exporter – Technointorg.

Most popular Vintage Russian watches – Poljot 3017 Strela, Poljot 3133 Chronograph, De Luxe Automatic, Vostok Amphibia 2209, Raketa Big Zero, Copernicus.

Best Soviet watch brands – Kirovskie/Poljot, Raketa, Vostok, Molnija, Luch, Slava.

Rare Soviet watch – Slava Transistor, Raketa 3031, Rodina Automatic.

Russian watches from old stocks and used, NOS watches, Automatic, Mechanical and Quartz. Wrist watches and pocket watches. Military watches and clocks. Old watches from Soviet Era. Made in USSR.