Sekonda Strela 3017, Soviet Cosmonaut Watch, USSR 1970s

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Sekonda Strela 3017, Soviet Cosmonaut Watch, USSR 1970s

Russian cosmonaut/pilot chronograph watch – Sekonda Strela 3017.

Caliber: 3017 (19 ruby jewels). Mechanical, manual wind.

Manufacturer: First Moscow Watch Factory Kirova (Poljot). Made in USSR (1970s).

Condition of the case/glass/dial: Very good! Condition of the movement: Perfect!

The Soviet-made Sekonda 3017 chronograph. Before the Speedmaster was adopted as standard issue, most Soviet and Russian cosmonauts wore a Sekonda, Strela or Poljot chronograph. This watch was worn by Gubarev on the Soyuz 28 mission in March 1978.

Soyuz 28 was a 1978 Soviet manned mission to the orbiting Salyut 6 space station. It was the fourth mission to the station, the third successful docking, and the second visit to the resident crew launched in Soyuz 26.

Cosmonaut Vladimir Remek from Czechoslovakia became the first person launched into space who was not a citizen of the United States or the Soviet Union. The other crew member was Aleksei Gubarev. The flight was the first mission in the Intercosmos program that gave Eastern Bloc and other communist states access to space through manned and unmanned launches.