Russian Aircraft Cockpit 5-Days Clock 60 ChP

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Aircraft Cockpit 5-Days Clock 60 ChP

Russian military clock 60 ChP by Molnija (Chelyabinsk Watch Factory).
The clock cockpit panel 60 ChP are intended for the indication of current time in hours, minutes and seconds and for measurement of short time intervals (till one o’clock) in minutes and seconds. Are applied: in the aviation (were established by on small transport planes and helicopters), geophysical equipment and on objects of sea technics.

This model of clock is equipped with the wind-spring engine two-drum-type parallel action. A course free anchor. Balance monometallic. Average daily rate at temperature 20 ± 5°C: accuracy ± 45 sec/day. The period of fluctuation of balance 0,4 with. 25 Ruby jewels. Temperature interval of work of clock from -25°C to +50°C.

Consist of the mechanism of usual hours for readout of current time and the mechanism of a stop watch for gauging and readout of short time intervals. The mechanism of usual hours works continuously, and the mechanism of a stop watch join and be switched off.

Current time is counted on the big scale of a dial. Indications of a stop watch are counted on the bottom scale of a dial. At work of the mechanism hour, minute and second arrows move continuously.

Power reserve 5 days. Periodicity winding clock – 1 time in 2 days.

Water-proof / vibration-proof / dust-proof, corrosion-resistant case. Crystal glass.

Overall dimensions: 85 mm x 91.4 mm x 72.1 mm.
Weight of the clock no more 600 gram (20,90 ounces).

Full complete set:

1. Air clock cockpit panel 60 ChP comes with original Russian manual (user guide).
2. Original foam plastic box.

New old stock. It runs perfect and keeps correct time.

MOLNIJA – Watch maker from Russia since 1942.