Zlatoust Aircraft Cockpit Clock Kirova K-43

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Zlatoust Aircraft Cockpit Clock Kirova K-43

Russian military aircraft clock K-43. Zlatoust Clock Factory. Mage in USSR in 1957. Movement: Kirova K-43, 15 jewels, side second dial. Serial: #2727 (on the movement), #1446 (on the dial). Size: 76 mm diameter, 24 mm deep. The diameter of dial: 56 mm. Weight 180 gram. Condition: Perfect condition!

The First Moscow Watch Factory (Kirova) was evacuated from Moscow to Zlatoust in the autumn of 1941 (WWII). The installation of equipment started at the end of November. The fist production was produced on the 25th of December 1941. The Zlatoust Clock Factory mainly produces tosecret hardware for the Air Force, Military, Navy and Space programs.

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