Soviet 24-Hours Aircraft Submarine Military Clock 129 ChS 55M

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Russian 24-Hour Aircraft / Submarine / Naval Chronograph Military Clock 129 ChS 55M

These сlocks have been used in Tupolev long-range bombers, also was intended for use in an underground missile silo or on board a Submarine, where night and day are not easily observable. With the 55M / IFF electronic block (Identification Friend or Foe). Fully mechanical (Caliber 66970, 15 Jewels), manual wind clock with 3-day running reserve, 2-day launch sequence indicator, luminous hands and 24-hour dial, built-in 27-volt heater. Water-proof / vibration-proof, corrosion-resistant steel case withstands 10G's. Tested from -76 °F (-60 °C) to +140 °F (+60 °C). Size: 80 mm diameter, 100 mm deep. The diameter of dial: 70 mm. Wight: 0,9 kg. Made in USSR (1991). Factory-sealed timepiece - this clock still have all original factory seals intact! Serial umber on the dial. Perfect working condition - New Old Stock!