Sputnik Chistopol USSR 1959

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Soviet mechanical watch Sputnik Chistopol USSR 1959

Made in USSR (1959) by Chistopol Watch Factory (Vostok) and was dedicated to the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite in 4 October 1957, this watch is a part of dawn space history of all mankind. Special features of this watch is rotating disc with satellite that shows seconds in disc hole. Also watch is waterproof, shockproof and has Breguet type hairspring that can be found only in some luxury watches. This is great collectible historical timekeeper in gorgeous condition!

Movement: Chistopol Watch Factory (Vostok) 2603 with 17 ruby jewels. Manual wind. Shock resistant.

Diameter 33 mm. Gold plated case, hands and numbers. Stainless steel caseback. Organic glass.

Vintage genuine leather strap (18 mm).

Excellent working condition!

This rare Soviet space watch is 100% authentic.

Unsurprisingly, due to their high demand and great collectibility, Sputnik watches are frequently counterfeited. Buyer beware.