Vostok Russian Submarine Clock, 5-CHM Typhoon

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Vostok Russian Submarine Clock, 5-CHM Typhoon

Russian military wall clock – Vostok 5-CHM Typhoon Submarine. Mechanical movement Vostok with 12 jewels is equipped with an anchor escapement. Monometallic balance. Power reserve 8 days. Antimagnetic modification. Splash-proof aluminium case with anticorrosion coating. Diameter 210 mm, height 74 mm. Weight not over than 2,8 kg. 2-Year Warranty.

At temperature 20±5°C, at humidity to 80% 6 days operation accuracy rate is ±90 sec.  Daily temperature change accuracy at the temperature range 25°C to +50°C is not over 1 sec. per 1°C.

The watch comes in simple cardboard box.