Soviet watch Pobeda Red 12 K-26 USSR 1949

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Soviet mechanical watch Pobeda Red 12 K-26 USSR 1949

Pobeda movement with 15 ruby jewels. Manual wind. Side second hand.

Chrome brass caseback. Organic glass.

White dial with red 12 on the top.

Made in USSR by 1st Moscow Watch Factory Kirova in 1949 (as indicated on the movement).

Excellent condition! Full tested and regulated. It runs perfect and keeps correct time.

Pobeda means Victory in Russia. The brand name was chosen by Stalin himself in April 1945, when he gave the order that the first watches be ready for the 1st year of World War 2 Victory celebration. The first prototype came out of the Penza factory by the end of 1945, and the first model for the public came out of the Kirov Watch Factory in March 1946.

Based on a French design, the Pobeda’s simple, 15-jewel movement was cost-effective, reliable, and easy to manufacture and maintain. Prior to World War II, during a period of rapid industrialization in the Soviet Union, the Soviet government sought international funding and expertise in developing a domestic industry for timepieces. Eventually the French watch manufacturer LIP was chosen; they established a new watch factory in Penza and licensed several movement designs to the new establishment. One design dating from 1908, the R-26 movement, was further developed and renamed the K-26, with significant alterations to the original design. World War II temporarily disrupted these plans, but after the Allied victory, this watch design was quickly finished at Penza, and full-scale production commenced at the First Moscow Watch Factory. Joseph Stalin chose the name Pobeda (Victory) to celebrate the end of the war.